About Core Synergy Limited

Core Synergy Limited is a facilitator of medical tourism, aiding affordable medical treatments in India with world-class medical facilities, hospitals, and top notch trained and skilled medical professionals. We are the representatives of Magnus Medi and leading hospitals in India. We help patients and families get access to quality medical, health and patient care—from life-changing surgeries to advanced treatments

Our Services

Medical Value Travel Facilitation

Core Synergy facilitates medical travel for patients, helping them get connected to the right hospital and the right doctors.

Second Opinion

We help patients get Multiple Opinion on serious Illness from India’s top doctors and hospitals. This is useful for Patients towards making the right and informed opinion.

Hand Holding for Medical Travelers

Patients Seeking treatments in other country are scared of travelling and they need local friend/family who can take care of them on small issues like transport, language, Local know-how and Core Synergy through Magnus Medi offers the Best Support services.

Digital Marketing

Core Synergy can help Doctors/ Consultants to plan their digital marketing strategies to ensure good visibility in the ever growing digital world.

Travel/Hospitality Arrangements

Core Synergy represents and works with Magnus Medi, India’s Only NABH and IATA Accredited Company. Magnus Medi being an only IATA & NABH accredited healthcare facilitator, also manages fully equipped travel division managing Travel and hospitality requirements of Corporates from across the globe. It also assists patients in getting great deal who are coming to India.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people get quality healthcare for healthier living and for longer life

Our Vision

Better and affordable health for all persons across the globe

Core Values

We sincerely believe that a company’s basic values are what make it who it is and how it does business. These principles eventually define the organization’s brand and become the fundamental foundation of its culture. Five basic values that comprise our brand at Core Synergy Limited are unwavering and cannot be compromised. Since our establishment these core values have served as a compass, guiding the actions and decisions of our management and staff.

These our core values are Empathy, Respect, Quality and Timeliness, Client-Centered Responsiveness, and Teamwork and Collaboration

Empathy: Empathy is woven deeply into the fabric of who we are as we demonstrate genuine interest, care and concern for others. It is a cornerstone of being part of a community where treating one another with compassion, love, tenderness and courtesy unites us, regardless of our differences. By resonating with another person’s suffering — or celebrating their successes — our own choices and feelings change. Now their pain is our pain and their happiness is our happiness. Motivations synchronize. We then can intrinsically apply our abilities to their wellbeing.

Respect: we hold each and everyone of our clients and patients in the highest esteem and accord them optimum respect. Respect is when we accept someone as they are and for who they are. That means accepting them even when they are different from us due to health reasons, or differ from us in opinion. Being respectful means, we care enough to think about how we impact others. At the heart of our respect is caring.

Quality and Timeliness of Our Response: We are responsible for providing the absolute best service to our clients in a prompt, timely and accurate manner. We measure the success of our firm by the quality, timeliness, and value of the service we render to our clients. It is this unwavering commitment to providing responsive, high-quality service to our clients that allowed us to steadily grow and attract like-minded colleagues with outstanding qualifications.

Client-Centered and Responsive: We are dedicated to helping our clients enhance their lives today and secure their futures tomorrow. We strive to make a positive impact on every client we serve and to truly listen to them so that we can better understand their health needs and concerns and can counsel and guide them in choosing the best hospital and medical professionals. By so doing, our clients are given the peace of mind of knowing that they have done everything in their power to get the best medical care for themselves and those they love.

Teamwork and Collaboration: We are deeply committed to a team approach as we understand that the success of our firm is largely dependent on the constructive engagement of all team members. Our partners and affiliates cooperatively work together and exchange ideas on a daily basis. This collaborative teamwork enables us to draw on each member’s individual talents, thereby, enhancing the quality and scope of the services and care that our clients receive